Foresight into the future.

As a railway infrastructure company, we help shape sustainable mobility and work to achieve climate goals. We operate with an economic, ecological, and social perspective and stand by our responsibility in society.

Sustainability is an integral part of our corporate philosophy, and for us that means acting responsibly and in the interests of future generations. Around 2,300 employees from more than 35 nations are committed to our values — passion, community, diversity, and responsibility — which make us distinct. This is strengthened by our code of conduct, which is a solid pillar within the SPITZKE Group. Both our values and our code of conduct show all of our employees and partners what we expect, and what everyone else can expect from us.

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Green electricity

Green electricity makes up 76 % of the electricity consumption at our locations. Each year, 27,000 kWh of electricity is produced via photovoltaic systems and consumed for our own use.


CO2 reduction

Overall, SPITZKE was able to reduce annual CO2 emissions by 11.3 %. This is especially due to the reduction in electricity consumption.


Health promotion

35 % of our employees take advantage of health promotion offers. These measures are coordinated through our separate Health & Social Department.


Training days

Our in-house SPITZKE AKADEMIE ensures the qualification and ongoing training of our employees. Each employee has 2.6 training days per year.


Further education

SPITZKE offers junior employees around 20 technical and commercial apprenticeships as well as dual study programs. The retention rate is 89.5 %.


2023 status