Corporate Social Responsibility.

Committment to support.

As a corporate group, we are represented in many regions of Germany and throughout Europe. We are committed to supporting charitable initiatives, and we promote organisations that work especially for the benefit of children and young people.  Through these commitments, we pursue the goal of enabling more people to participate in social development, and we create positive experiences as well as personal successes. We are always working to foster and grow our long-standing partnerships and thus live out our social responsibility.

Some of our projects

Corporate Social Responsibility Project


SPITZKE FONDS e. V. is a charitable non-profit organisation. With the help of this fund, we have been able to support, among others, the following institutions:

  • Kilele – Kinder lernen Leben gGmbH
  • the Märkische Kinderdorf e. V.
  • the Kinderhilfe e. V.
  • the Bärenherz Foundation


We are proud to be part of strengthening institutions like this that are committed to society’s smallest members.

Corporate Social Responsibility Project

Cooperation with Schools and Universities

We maintain a close professional and content-related exchange with several universities as well as schools and other educational institutions. We support motivated and talented students, for example, through the Germany Scholarship. We also support academic work, organise excursions to construction projects, and offer performance testing.

As part of our cooperation with universities, the SPITZKE Student Competition is a special campaign that we have been running since 2016. In this event, students studying construction, engineering, or other disciplines compete against each other to complete a specific task. The goal is for the students to gain practical skills by benefiting from the daily experience of the entire SPITZKE Group.

Corporate Social Responsibility Project

"Donations Instead of Gifts"

For several years now, we have been supporting numerous social projects in the vicinity of our company locations with the “Donations Instead of Gifts” campaign. An initiative in which we donate to charities in lieu of giving Christmas gifts. Through this campaign, we pay particular attention to supporting disadvantaged children and young people, and the institutions that serve them.

Here is a small selection of the projects we’ve supported:

  • Kita An der Gende, Erlensee — Trees and shrubs for the children car track
  • Café Vielfalt des Regenbogen e.V., Kaltenkirchen — Furnishings for the spatial expansion
  • Vinzenz e.V., Bochum — Swimming course for the Geitling1 group
  • Märkisches Kinderdorf Ludwigsfelde e. V. — Support for the internet café “Die Höhle”

Corporate Social Responsibility Project


As a successful enterprise, we also take our social responsibility very seriously, including the matter of refugee integration. It is very important to us to support people who have had to leave their homelands. Young people in particular, who are on the cusp of adulthood, need special attention and help. We guide and support them as they orient themselves and prepare for their futures — especially their professional lives — in unfamiliar circumstances.

For this reason, SPITZKE offers refugees internships, among other things, in order to introduce them to a skilled occupation, or to prepare them for further formal education. Warmly welcoming people who need support is an important part of our corporate culture.