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Place of learning. Experts in railroad infrastructure. Paving the way for the future. Many names fit the SPITZKE ACADEMY. But no matter what name you give us, if you are looking for sound training and further education in the field of railroad infrastructure, you are sure to find us. Our training offerings are aimed at both current SPITZKE Group employees and interested parties from the railroad industry, as well as career changers.

Our training center is located directly in the Berlin Süd freight traffic centre. We offer customized training courses and blended learning concepts. The curriculum includes, for example, functional training for the acquisition of various rail qualifications, as well as compulsory training in the areas of rail operations, infrastructure/​technology, and track safety. In addition, we offer site managers the opportunity to gain further qualifications. In-service training for supervisors and site managers is also offered.

SPITZKE ACADEMY also has a modern training field. Here, we train young people throughout Germany in around 20 professions, thus paving the way for a successful start to their careers

Promoting knowledge. Setting the course.

Our goal is to ensure the safety of all operations and functions. For this reason, we particularly value the importance of providing instruction in a way that is always practical and descriptive, but never boring. It is important to us to always meet you at your level, for example, in our compulsory training courses as well as in our individual seminars, workshops, and courses. We find the right solutions for current challenges and can offer you customized training courses that meet you where you are.

Visit the SPITZKE ACADEMY website at www.spitzke-akademie.com.

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We would be happy to advise you on all matters relating to in-service training and further education as well as skill development.

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