Our sustainability report.

Business year 2019/​2020.

Sustainability is an essential topic in all areas of our society. Climate protection, sustainable mobility, the shift of freight and passenger traffic from road to rail and the use of public transport are essential instruments. The SPITZKE Group is part of the sustainable mobility industry and makes its contribution to the implementation of a modern and efficient railway infrastructure. We have completed numerous construction projects and are constantly investing in new technologies, machines and working methods to protect the environment and conserve resources.

Our understanding of sustainability includes environmental management, compliance, occupational health and safety and the exercise of social responsibility. We conscientiously deal with the objectives for a sustainable corporate policy. As a company, we have not only an economic responsibility, but also an ecological and social one. Since 2007, we have set ourselves ethical rules for dealing ethically with each other and with our stakeholders. We develop these topics on our own initiative and as a sign of our self-image, as a benefit for the company and society.

Environmental management and occupational safety systems are part of our standard, we have also had our own occupational health management system since 2015, have a non-profit and charitable association, SPITZKE FONDS e. V. , was founded and a company social counseling service was introduced in 2018. As part of the sustainable mobility industry, we are helping to shape rail as a means of transport for the present and the future. This report documents our efforts and developments.

Contact: compliance@spitzke.com