Health and Social.

Our commitment.

A healthy and resource-oriented corporate and management culture enables us to remain successful and competitive in the long term. Healthy, adaptable employees are the basis for this, and are therefore our most important asset. With them, we can successfully shape the future of our company. While we are values- and business-oriented, we are also committed to employee health and equal opportunities in all areas.

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In focus

The Health & Social Department is based on the pillars of employee and management counselling, health promotion, company integration management, occupational health and safety, SPITZKE FONDS e.V., and the company physician.

In addition to counselling and support, we also offer our employees workshops, seminars, and lectures on many topics from these areas.

To deal with the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have also installed a special health team that deals with all issues relating to the protection of employees and the organisation.

Company Medical Officer

We work together with a company medical officer within the SPITZKE corporate group. He advises both our employees and the company on all aspects regarding occupational health and safety.

health promotion

An extensive offer. The Health & Social Affairs Department offers expert advice, for example, on ergonomic issues at our construction sites as well as within the office environment.

We also carry out certain health campaigns. These include health days, vaccination campaigns, company runs as well as lectures and workshops on body-related topics. The offer is supplemented, e.g., by target-specific sports options, some of which take place online.

employees and management coaching

We advise our employees professionally on psychosocial issues in order to strengthen their mental health – both preventively and in specific critical life situations. Our managers drive both our corporate culture and our health factors. Therefore, we provide special and comprehensive coaching services to them.

Corporate re-entry management

Our employee’s health is important to us. However, sometimes longer periods of absence in an employee’s life are unavoidable. We view reintegration not only as a legal obligation, but also as a personal responsibility to ensure that proper reintegration is successfully implemented for everyone involved.

During challenging events relevant to either one’s workplace or private life, our employees are also supported and accompanied during these times by our Employee and Management Counselling Service if they desire.

health and safety at work

In order to fully comply with the legal and company specific requirements for occupational safety, we have specialists and experts in the company who monitor compliance on protection requirements and the health and safety of our employees.

Therefore, we carry out regular inspections, instructions, training courses and risk assessments, etc. These are constantly updated to include the latest innovations in occupational health and safety.


One can quickly find themselves in an emergency situation. One stroke of fate can turn life upside down. Personal suffering and financial insecurity can be the result.

To support employees, relatives or third parties in such situations, we founded SPITZKE FONDS e. V. in 2015 – an independent, charitable and non-profit organization.