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The SPITZKE range of services for the track includes all individual works for complete track projects of all mainline, regional and connecting railways and for private railways, urban and underground railways and tramways. From the surveying to civil engineering, tamping work, track renewal using conventional and conveyor belt methods, track welding through to proper disposal of the old material – with us all work is performed with uniform quality from a single source. Regardless of whether as an individual service or complete contract. Our intelligent project management enables maximum results within the shortest possible time.

Tracks and points

With our qualified employees and our own modern SPITZKE technology and rolling stock, we undertake ballast cleaning and renewal work, and the repair and renewal of rails, sleepers and points. Depending on the task, we implement the measures both conventionally and using conveyor-belt methods for all line speeds and track forms.

  • mechanical
    Track renewal using assembly line techniques
    Ballast cleaning and renewal using assembly line techniques
    Formation rehabilitation with ballast cleaning and renewal using assembly line techniques
  • conventional
    Track renewal
    Track repair
  • Renewal and repair of points
  • Renewal of tramway, urban and underground railway tracks
  • Renewal of level crossings with approved systems
  • Surveying



Civil engineering

A proper substructure ensures the longevity of the track. On laying the formation protection layer –either conventionally or using conveyor-belt methods – we create a reliable, long-term substructure for every requirement. Including the corresponding drainage systems, cable ducts and crossings. In-house geologists ensure the quality of our work results, even in difficult soil conditions.

  • Removal and placement of soils
  • Formation works
  • Laying geotextiles and protective layers
  • Complete underground drainage
  • Construction of manholes, pipes and cable ducts in all approved sizes
  • Surveying



Track welding

Positionally stable, continuous tracks and points ensure rail traffic that is gentle on the wheels and low noise. At SPITZKE we therefore use aluminothermic (AS), arc welding jointing and deposit welding using electric (E) and E-MF processes and the making of Münch-thermite (MT) insulated rail joints.

  • Rail machining for maintenance and prevention
  • Rail machining for new positioning
  • Welding using the AS method
  • Arc connection welding using the E- or E-MF method
  • Arc welding using the E- or E-MF method
  • Production of MT insulated rail joints
  • Construction and maintenance of positionally stable, continuous tracks and points



Track management & safety services

The safety requirements on railway construction sites are high. We face this challenge and undertake all safety and traffic control measures within the track area. We discuss and coordinate in detail with the respective infrastructure operator and the contractors, whether automatic warning systems (ATWS), fixed barriers (FA) or personnel protection measures are to be used. By merging our track construction and safety know-how we continuously develop existing safety systems. For example, FATWS, an reduced noise construction site safety innovation invented by us in-house.

  • Traffic management & safety for tracked transport system construction sites
  • Safety and traffic management supervisors
  • Flagmen
  • Level crossing attendants
  • Railway earth electrodes
  • Switching applicants
  • Operation, installation and service for ATWS, hire
  • Sale and hire of FA
  • Signal provision/​sale
  • Qualified technical employees
  • Work train drivers
  • Snow clearance service
  • Vegetation work
  • Installation/​dismantling of fixed barriers



Construction site service

An important part of our track expertise is our special services for infrastructure operators, for the operators of rail vehicles and companies in the railway construction segment.

In addition to our 24/​7 emergency management service, among other things, we also service, maintain and repair track-laying machines, track-laying equipment, locomotives, and overhead line installation vehicles in our workshops or on construction sites. The performance of inspections, reconditioning and modernising rail vehicles and locomotives complement our range of services.

In the winter months our winter service clears snow and ice from railway systems. We ensure reliable clearance of tracks and point with annual contracts.

  • Day and night standby for accidents and emergencies on rail infrastructure and on railway construction sites
  • Provision of equipment and machines and personnel for repairing damage to railway facilities to restore track availability
  • Servicing, maintenance and repair of track-laying machines, track-laying equipment, locomotives, vehicles for overhead line installation
  • Technical modifications and new build work on machines and equipment
  • Carrying out inspections
  • Reconditioning and modernisation of railway vehicles and locomotives.
  • Repair of track-laying machines and instructing personnel directly on the construction site
  • Standby service for repairs to machines, equipment and locomotives on the construction sites, around the clock
  • Removal of ice and snow from railway facilities
  • Permanent standby service during the winter months for clearing the tracks and points in case of snowfall and icy weather
  • Conclusion of seasonal agreements for snow clearance service



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