Implement effectively.

The scope for the track includes all services for complete track projects of all mainline, regional and connecting railways as well as private, urban and underground railways and tramways.  With highest quality standards and intelligent project management, we ensure maximum results from a single source within the shortest possible timeframe.

Tracks and points

With our qualified employees, modern technology and rolling stock, we undertake ballast cleaning and renewal work as well as the repair and renewal of rails, sleepers and points, both conventionally and by using conveyor belt methods.

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Civil engineering

A proper substructure ensures the longevity of the track. When laying the formation protection layer, either conventionally or using conveyor-belt methods, we create a reliable substructure for every requirement; including the corresponding drainage systems, cable ducts and crossings. In-house geologists ensure the quality of our work results, even in difficult soil conditions.

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Track welding

Positionally stable, continuous tracks and points ensure rail traffic that is gentle on the wheels and low noise. We therefore use aluminothermic (AS), arc welding jointing and deposit welding using electric (E) and E-MF processes and the making of Münch-thermite (MT) insulated rail joints.

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Rail Inspection Technology

We work throughout Germany and Europe for nondestructive testing (NDT), rail technology services and quality monitoring for rail processing for inspection and documentation of the operational safety of tracks and points.

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Track management & safety services

The safety requirements for railway construction sites are high. We face this challenge and undertake all safety and traffic control measures within the track area. By merging our track construction and safety know-how, we continuously develop existing safety systems and bring these to market. An example is FATWS, a reduced noise construction site safety innovation we invented in-house.

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