Achieving more together. In Germany and Europe.

We – that is around 2,300 competent employees, in 16 locations of the SPITZKE Group in Germany and Denmark. We face the challenges of our customers with conviction and pride and master them as a team. We all count on each other and implement innovative, forward-looking ideas for railway infrastructure.

In every project, every task and in working together, we always follow our four core values: Passion, Community, Diversity, and Responsibility. We start each day anew with passion, accompanied by our strengths of community as well as diversity, and we are always aware of our responsibility for sustainable mobility, for our environment, and for each other.


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I have been with SPITZKE for 17 years and I have a strong and reliable team of great colleagues to back me up. The special thing is our team spirit and moreover familiy cohesion: we are all equally committed to our projects!

Steffen Krauke
track-layer at SPITZKE

As construction manager at the division equipment/​electrical engineering I work closely with all the company’s trades to complete a wide variety of projects. I am certain that collaboration leads to the best possible outcome and I am proud to be able to contribute to SPITZKE’s success.

Adrian Pelzl
construction manager at division equipment/​electrical engineering

I am fascinated by the fierce power behind our machines. Together with our top team, I work on one of the largest of the SPITZKE-technology park – our “Katharina, die Große”. When we are on the road, or better said on the tracks, we  immediately see results of our work.

Robert Anders
machinist at the RPM-RS-900