Future and Opportunities.

Our contribution to sustainable mobility.

The SPITZKE Group is part of the mobility industry. As a system provider for rail infrastructure, we are making a long-term contribution to sustainability and to achieving climate goals. As part of the electrification initiative, we are implementing relevant rail infrastructure projects, developing new working methods, and driving digitalisation.

We offer our more than 2,300 employees a high level of job security in a stable industry and extensive opportunities for development in our company. Our own SPITZKE AKADEMIE promotes the qualification, training, and further education of our employees. We attach great importance to the creation of apprenticeships. For our technical trainees, we not only have own training centre, but we also have a practical learning area for an optimal combination of theory and practice. Our goal is to give all trainees opportunities within the SPITZKE Group.

Here are some insights.


Our practical learning field

In 2020, a practical learning field with two tracks for teaching purposes was created at the main location of the SPITZKE Group. When this learning space is completed in 2021, there will even be two points and three tracks, one of which will also be equipped with a conductor rail.

Of course, there won’t be any trains running here, but there will be a lot of learning going on. Our trainees will be able to try out all of the operations that they often do not have enough time to learn on the construction sites. Our track construction trainees have already had a taste of this, as they built large parts of the practical field themselves, with the guidance of our experienced employees. Built by trainees and for trainees, the SPITZKE practical learning field is an important building block for continuous learning.


"TOP training company"

SPITZKE FAHRWEGSYSTEME GmbH once again received the “Top Training Company” award from the Neubrandenburg Chamber of Industry and Commerce in 2020. By earning this title, the SPITZKE subsidiary is continuing its success story in terms of training commitment. The Möllenhagen-based company has now received the IHK award for the seventh year in a row.

At the site in Möllenhagen, Mecklenburg, we train young people as concrete and reinforced concrete constructors (m/​f/​d) and industrial mechanics in the production of concrete components(m/​f/​d), among others.

You can find out more under Training and Studies.


Major project: Electrification of the Southern Railway

The Southern Railway and the continuing Lake Constance Belt Railway are to be electrified and prepared for a speed increase to 160 km/​h by 2021.

For this reason, SPITZKE employees from the Equipment/​Electrical Engineering Division have already been working on the Ulm–Friedrichshafen–Lindau–Aeschach line since 2018. In addition, around 2,000 masts are being erected by our foundation experts, most of which come from SPITZKE’s production subsidiaries SPITZKE FAHRWEGSYSTEME GmbH and MuR-STAHLBAU GmbH.

On December 12th this major project was completed successfully on schedule. The first electrified trains will commence regular service. Read all about the electrification of the Suedbahn in ourproject ticker



The aim of SPITZKE AKADEMIE FÜR AUS- UND WEITERBILDUNG AG, a SPITZKE subsidiary, is preparing people to best carry out all operations and functions. For this reason, the SPITZKE Academy particularly values the importance of always providing instruction in a practical and clear manner.

SPITZKE Academy employees facilitate continuous education, for example, as part of compulsory training courses or individual seminars, workshops, and training courses.

Our dedicated employees find the right solutions for current challenges and can even offer customised training courses.