Track-renewal train UM-S 2001

Track-laying – Rail and sleeper replacement

Technology Park
Technology Park

The UM-S 2001 track-renewal train operates according to the MATISA-SPITZKE renewal method, named after the Swiss manufacturer of the machine. It enables the continuous renewal of tracks with different forms of sleepers. The UM-S 2001 copies the old track set and/​or recreates it in a continuous operation according to the design geometry. Its efficiency guarantees minimised track possession periods.

Track-renewal train UM-S 2001 Grafik

Functional Characteristics

  • Rail and sleeper replacement with high renewal rates
  • Very short linking and separation times (30 and 45 min respectively)
  • Work in minimum radii
  • Renewal of timber, concrete and steel sleepers and double sleepers
  • Gentle handling of new materials (rails, sleepers)
  • No need for tamping; after the renewal the track can be travelled on at 70 km/​h (trials currently underway)
  • Automatic guidance computerised for track and cant gradient change
  • Documentation of position of track re. relative difference in rail levels, longitudinal level, twist and versed sine and recording of sleeper spacing by 6-channel recorder with automatic monitoring
  • Correction control for height, direction, track cant
  • Copy of the old track geometry or creation of new design geometry in one single operation
  • Biologically degradable hydraulic oil
  • Low-emission dieel engines
  • Deployment of BA Slps 462, 463 and 464 track materials wagon with a running rail height of 900 mm, 1,200 mm and BA Slps 466 track materials wagon with a running rail height of 1,470 mm (ramp wagon required)
  • Swivel of 100 mm and lowering of 150 mm

Technical specifications

Overall weight 242 t
Height above top of rail 4.398 mm
Length over buffers 92.390 mm
Number of axes 15
Engine output 380 kW
Maximum speed in train formation 100 km/​h
Maximum self-propelled speed 5 km/​h
Wheel-base max. 28,800 mm in working position, max. 17,000 mm in transport position

Performance parameters

Renewal capacity (see catalogue of planning times) 250 m/​h
Working radius ≥ 250 m
Minimum working width 3 m
Working height beneath contact line ≥ 4.95 m from top of rail
Removal/​installation of sleeper types timber, concrete, steel
Track swivel ± 100 mm
Possible lowering of the track 100 mm
Working in cant max. 160 mm
A new track cant can be created Yes