Krupp track-mounted drill and pile-driver I & II

Foundations – Track-mounted pile-drivers

Technology Park
Technology Park

The Krupp track-mounted drill and pile-driver has been especially designed and built for use on Deutsche Bahn construction sites. They can build foundations, without use of the adjacent track, using pile-driving and twist-in drilling methods. An independent traction drive enables working on the construction track without use of a work locomotive. The rams can be used flexibly due to the large load-carrying capacities with long outreach.

Functional Characteristics

  • Work runs free of adjacent track and under switched off contact line
  • Increased stability thanks to large self-weight and low centre of gravity
  • Large diameter pipes can be driven using the existing hydraulics system (without additional unit)
  • Fast conversion from pile driving to drilling equipment, compatible with the existing technology
  • Piled and drilled foundations for Deutsche Bahn AG masts and signal gantries
  • “In-hole” rock drilling and driving large diameter pipes with diameters up to 1,040 mm
  • Foundations for temporary bridges
  • Making trench or pit supports
  • Loading and setting work
  • Optional equipping with a diesel pile hammer – D 22 (piston weight 2.2 t) and therefore easy absorption of the heaviest pile driven material

Technical specifications

Manufacturer KRUPP/​SPITZKE SE
Type track-mounted drill and pile-driver
Engine Perkins 153 kW (215 hp)
Maximum speed in train formation 100 km/​h
Maximum speed on the construction track 6 km/​h, self-propelled with work train
Dead weight incl. traction drive 98.000 kg
Height above top of rail KRUPP I: 4,575 mm (transport position)
KRUPP II: 4,490 mm (transport position)
Outreach 2.6 m to 7.3 m from the track axis
Effective length as pile-driver with diesel hammer D 22 up to 10 m, with diesel hammer D 15 up to 12 m
Effective length while twist drilling up to 10 m
Piling equipment D 15 or D 22 diesel hammer
Pile-driven material up to 6.5 t at 3 m outreach (with D 22 diesel pile hammer), up to 4 t at 7.30 m outreach
Drilling equipment in-the-hole hammer up to 12, 15 and 17.5 inch drill head for pipes up to 900 mm diameter