1602 short-tail wagon-mounted pile-drivers

Foundations – Track-mounted pile-drivers

Technology Park
Technology Park

The 1602 track-bound pile-driver wagon has been especially designed and built for use on Deutsche Bahn construction sites. They are suitable for making piled foundations for overhead lines and signal masts of the railway, for pile-driving, loading, positioning and support work.

Functional Characteristics

  • The piling and drilling equipment is fixed to Samms wagons with chain hoists
  • Transport in standard trains up to 100 km/​h
  • High stability due to incorporation of the wagon and additional attached support


  • Minor piling and drilling work
  • Erecting masts from the tracks and from the ground

Technical specifications

Manufacturer Atlas
Type crawler-mounted excavator
Engine Deutz 32 kW/​44 hp
Maximum speed in train formation 100 km/​h
Dead weight incl. chassis 24,000 kg or 54,000 kg (incl. car)
Outreach max. 5.5 m from track axis
Effective length 8.5 m from ground
Piling equipment D 8 diesel hammer
Pile-driven material up to 2 t at 3 m outreach
Drilling equipment in-the-hole hammer with 12 inch diameter