Wagon-mounted pile-drivers O&K II

Foundations – Track-mounted pile-drivers

Technology Park
Technology Park

The O&K (I and II) wagon-mounted pile-drivers have been especially designed and built for use on Deutsche Bahn AG construction sites. They are suitable for making piled foundations for Deutsche Bahn AG catenary supports, in particular signal gantries as well as for making foundations for emergency bridges and trench and pit supports.

Functional Characteristics

  • Work runs free of adjacent track and with switched off contact line
  • Fast tooling up and tool removal on site
  • High load carrying capacity
  • Extraordinarily long outreach
  • Flexible deployment
  • Execution of work that is not possible with other track-mounted pile-drivers
  • Special feature of the O&K II: Permanent integration of the work unit on an automotive bogie, additional support, can be deployed on blocked sections of tracks without a working locomotive
  • Driven pile foundations for Deutsche Bahn AG catenary supports
  • Foundations for signal gantries
  • Foundations for emergency bridges
  • Making trench or pit supports

Technical specifications

Manufacturer O&K
Type self-propelled wagon-mounted pile-driver
Engine Deutz 74 kW (100 hp)
Maximum speed in train formation 100 km/​h
Maximum speed, self-propelled 6 km/​h
Dead weight incl. traction drive 57.000 kg
Height above top of rail 3,900 mm (transport position)
Outreach max. 7 m from track axis
Effective length 12.5 m
Piling equipment D 12 or D 15 diesel hammer
Pile-driven material up to 4.5 t at 3 m outreach, up to 3 t at 7 m outreach
Drilling in-hole hammer with diameter: 12, 15 and 17.5 inch, twisting in pipes up to 900 mm diameter