#Large-scale projects 26 August 2023

First Construction Phase of Fürth–Würzburg is Operating Successfully

Since August 6th, 2023, trains have been running again on the completely renovated line between Würzburg and Neustadt/​Aisch. This marks a significant milestone in SPITZKE’s major project in Franconia.

The Fürth-Würzburg construction project is an exciting challenge both in terms of its scope and the project period itself, and the numbers speak for themselves. Over a span of 71 days, during the first construction phase between May 26 and August 6, various milestones were achieved, including the renewal of 94 kilometers of track and the replacement of 32 switches. During ballast cleaning, 120,000 tons of ballast residues were generated, and 100,000 tons of new backfill ballast were placed. Additionally, approximately 85,000 tons of PSS material were required for formation renovation, covering a distance of over 17 kilometers. The SPITZKE teams on-site did exceptional work on this.

A notable challenge was the need to initiate preparations for the second construction phase, stretching from Neustadt/​Aisch to Fürth, even as the first section was being commissioned. At present, significant progress is being made on the second construction phase, and it remains on track to be completed by September 12.