Ballast cleaning machine RM 900 S

Track-laying – Ballast cleaning

Technology Park
Technology Park

The RM 900 S was designed by SPITZKE SE, together with the manufacturer, for processing track ballast. It also integrates the new ballast feeder and 09-CSM tamping. The excavation and cleaning performance rates (in one operation) exceed the capacity of conventional machines.

Ballast cleaning machine RM 900 S Grafik

Functional Characteristics

  • High-performance excavating equipment
  • High-performance screening plant
  • Progress rates of 300 to 390 m/​h at a maximum screening capacity of 900 m³/h in one operation
  • Complete ballast replacement in one operation
  • Ballasting using a ballast plough with level control
  • Level controlled placement of new ballast
  • Equipment for compacting the ballast
  • Integrated continuously working 09-32 CSM tamping machine
  • Sweeping plant
  • Measuring, controlling and recording equipment (8-channel recorder) for clearing depth, track gradient, track lowering as well as relative difference in rail levels, twist and versed sine
  • Laser for controlling the cleaning depth

Technical specifications

Overall weight 345 t
Height above top of rail 4.600 mm
Length over buffers 102.000 mm
Number of axes 21
Engine output (total) 1.500 kW
Maximum speed in train formation 100 km/​h
Maximum self-propelled speed 60 km/​h

Performance parameters

Performance (depending on the cleaning width) max. 390 m/​h
Screening capacity max. 900 m³/h
Cleaning depth max. 1000 mm above top of rail
Depth cleared ≥ 200 mm
Chain height 350 mm
Width cleared 4,000 mm, 4,350 mm, 4,950 mm (plus 2 x 500 mm with shield)
Lift max. 250 mm
Track swivel ± 300 mm
Working radius ≥ 200 m