SPITZKE on the Dresdner Bahn

Rail line expansion in Berlin

With the expansion of the rail line “Dresdner Bahn”, the Deutsche Bahn AG wants to relieve the Berlin railway junction and enable shorter travel times in the direction of Dresden and Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER). For this to become a reality, the railway infrastructure company SPITZKE is expanding the line together with JOHANN BUNTE Bauunternehmung GmbH & Co. KG and Hentschke Bau GmbH in the coming years. Follow our work in this construction site ticker.


Update #14 – Cable civil engineering work on the Dresdner Bahn

August 11th, 2022 // Our major project for the Dresdner Bahn is once again in full swing. After announcing the initial completions at the end of May, we’ll take a look at the cable civil engineering work in this update. It is an essential key element between the superstructure and the railway’s technical equipment.

“We’ve accomplished just over half of the cable civil engineering work which needs to be done”, says Mario from our subsidiary at GVZ Berlin South in Großbeeren. The young site manager is responsible for all cable civil engineering services, e.g. the corresponding shafts and troughs as well as track crossings, etc. on the Dresdner Bahn. His tasks encompass ordering materials, preliminary planning and construction, invoicing, etc.

16 km cable civil engineering work completed

When Mario says that half of the route has been completed, it means that 16 km of track have been equipped with all civil engineering services. In 2023, the construction stage S 5000 will be reached and the S-Bahn will be in the end stage. At this point, Mario and his team will have installed a total of 16 km of track with cable troughs, shafts, signal foundations, track crossings and everything associated with it.

At the end of August in this year, the cable civil engineering work will be handed over to the client for the S 4500 construction stage so the equipped contractors from SPITZKE SE and Siemens can lay their cables and connect the control units. In addition to other things, the 30 kV cables will be laid in the new trough system and switched to create construction clearance for the mainline railroad to be built.

Update #13 – First Completions on the Dresdner Bahn

May 26th, 2022 // As previously reported, the amount of work on the Dresden Railway has increased since the beginning of the year. April and May were particularly busy months, and included an important closure, partial commissioning and the first acceptances.

During the total closure from April 4th-9th, the Teams at SPITZKE carried out an enormous amount of work. The main goal, the commissioning of the urban railway between Attilastraße and Buckower Chaussee, was achieved on May 9th. In order to get the acceptance of the S 4,000 construction stage, the Dresden-Bahn team reinstalled track 1 between Marienfelde and Teltowkanal and installed several switches. The track professionals also completed the installation, connection, tamping and welding of switch 941.
The noise barrier is also on schedule. In April and May, the SPITZKE crew finished the final foundations using a two-way excavator and a Movax driving ram, and installed posts and walls for the S 4,000 construction stage from Attilastraße to Buckower Chaussee.

Electrical Energy System, Telecommunications and Traction Current

The Electrical Energy Installation Department has put the new Marienfelde platform and transformer station into operation. In addition, several switches between Marienfelde and Attilastraße have been equipped with heating elements. The EEA team has already installed the switch heating distributers as this will no longer be possible at a later date. In the same construction phase, the old conductor rail was taken apart and the new material was installed in the final track position. In addition, traction current cable systems were dismantled and renewed. Our traction current professionals dismantled a 30kV cable system and re-laid it.

The specialists from SPITZKE’s Equipment/​Electronical Engineering Department responsible for telecommunication laid 18 km of fiber optic cable between Attilastraße and Schichauweg. Around 12 km of copper cable was connected to the existing cables as well. After completing an enormous number of services successfully, the total closure drew to an end. The Dresdner Bahn team has a few more exciting months in front of them. The next commissioning is expected in June.

Update #12 – Year of challenges on the Dresdner Bahn

February 20th, 2022 // The upcoming year poses a number of challenges for the team which is carrying out the expansion of the Dresdner Bahn. A lot will happen in 2022 – let’s take a look at the milestones.

“This year, the processes are particularly compact and closely linked”, said one of SPITZKE’s Dresdner Bahn project managers. “With this high-performance density, all of the teams have to mesh together seamlessly.” The work on the path to constructions stage S 4.000 is in full swing. The section between Attilastr. and Marienfelde as well as the Marienfelde S-Bahn station is due to be commissioned in June. This is an important step for our Dresden railway team: This means, we can hand over a complete rail infrastructure system with length of 3 km “ready to use”

The commissioning of the S 4,500 construction stage is scheduled for December 2022. Some services still need to be carried out for this milestone. Among others, these include the new construction of the railway bridge Bahnhofstr for the S-Bahn, the concrete ballast trough for tracks 931 and 932, eight switches, a railway crossing as well as the Lichtenrade central platform.

The SPITZKE team working on the Dresden railroad therefore faces particularly challenging weeks and months. With their knowledge and special commitment, they will master this enormous task. We wish everyone involved maximum success.

Dresdner Bahn - Lichtenrade
Dresdner Bahn - Marienfelde

#Update 11 – First construction measures for new S-Bahn tracks at Lichtenrade station.

November 27th, 2021 // In this ticker-update, we’ll give you an overview of the work being done at the Lichtenrade S-Bahn station in the south of Berlin. A temporary platform was built at the Lichtenrade station in the summer. It will be in use until December 2022. Afterwards, the newly constructed Lichtenrade platform will go into operation.

Our colleagues from the Major Projects/​Engineering Department are starting work on the new S-Bahn tracks 931 and 932 across from the Lichtenrade temporary platform. To prepare for the concrete trough, a blinding layer was fitted in October. This works as a smooth and dry surface for the subsequent layers. It was reinforced so that it can be driven over by machines. This is due to the fact that the SPITZKE team has no way of accessing the construction site from the side and must deliver materials and machines to the site in advance.

The concrete trough will be built over the next few months. This will reduce the vibrations caused by the S-Bahn. The first blocks were manufactured at the beginning of November. The trough will have standard measurements of 8.90 m wide and .6 m high. In addition, there will be an upstand at the edges measuring .7 m to enclose the ballast.

The blinding layer, which is several hundred meters long, will be separated by expansion joints approx. every 60 meters. Draining pipes will be placed in these joints with single-grain concrete to ensure proper drainage. Drainage is also ensured in the subsequent concrete ballast trough with a 2.5% outward slope.

Update #10 – Impressions of the Rail line expansion Dresdner Bahn

October 15th, 2021 // Work is being carried out on several sections of the Dresdner Bahn simultaneously – the construction progress is visible everywhere. We’ll show you some impressions of the section between the S-Bahn stations Attilastrasse and Marienfelde and the S-Bahn station Lichtenrade.

Update #9 – Construction stage S 3.500 completed during closure period

September 3rd 2021 // Many of SPITZKE’s divisions worked on the Dresdner Bahn during the six-week closure period. The S 3.500 construction stage was completed after optimal coordinated cooperation between all divisions – including the other consortium partners.

The track team rebuilt 600 metres of track at the Lichtenrade temporary platform, cleaned all in all 1,500 metres of track bed with our RM 900 ballast cleaning machine, and replaced 1,500 metres of sleepers. The track experts also pre-assembled and installed five points. The old tracks at Lichtenrade station were dismantled. With the help of the Oskar track-laying crane, the same was done between the Marienfelde and Buckower Chaussee S-Bahn stations over a length of 2x 800 metres. Here, the crews then laid the track again. All sleeper, point, and track work was completed, including tamping and welding.

Cable civil engineering and traction current on the Dresdner Bahn

Our cable civil engineering experts have completed 22 track crossings with steel pipes in different types. A total of 30 cable shafts and troughs were installed for the cable route, including special troughs for concrete cable ducts over a length of 1,800 metres and cable troughs for the traction current. In addition, they have already laid the foundations for the next construction stage S 4.000.

The dismantling of the conductor rail was an important prerequisite for much of the work at the beginning of the six-week closure period. After all teams had completed their work, SPITZKE’s traction current specialists reinstalled the conductor rail. They also laid down several 30 kV cables.

Extensive engineering work on the new Lichtenrade temporary platform

In construction stage 2 between the Schichauweg and Lichtenrade S-Bahn stations, the Large-Scale Projects/​Civil Engineering division completed the newly constructed Lichtenrade temporary platform and put it into operation. The Equipment/​Electrical Engineering division was responsible for equipping the electrical power systems as well as the 50 Hz and telecommunications technology. The electrical specialists also commissioned the transformer transfer station 1056 elsewhere and installed several point heating systems.

The Large-Scale Projects/​Civil Engineering team also dismantled and installed a temporarily cable bridge and renovated the railway underpass Motzener Gütergleis. Now that construction stage S 3.500 is complete, our specialists from all areas are preparing for construction stage S 4.000, which is scheduled to be completed in spring 2022. Therefor the SPITZKE teams are already working on the construction of the Berlin-Marienfelde platform.

Update #8 – Closure period on the Dresdner Bahn has successfully ended

August 13th, 2021 // On August 9, the closure period on the Dresdner Bahn ended. For six weeks, S-Bahn operations in Berlin were completely stopped between Attilastrasse and the Berlin/​Brandenburg city border. During this time, SPITZKE teams from various areas performed tremendous work on the Dresdner Bahn. All of the work had to be perfectly coordinated so that the various teams could work without hindering each other or the ARGE partners. The following is a summary of the most important services in the renewal of the railway infrastructure for local, regional, and long-distance traffic:

At the beginning and end of the six-week closure period, our control and safety technology was in demand. Workers installed and removed derailers as well as shut down and restarted level crossings. The LST department of the Equipment/​Electrical Engineering division also erected three signal brackets, shut down points, and installed control and safety technology on the installed points. In addition, they installed 10 prestressed concrete posts for semaphore signals and an auxiliary equipment cabinet, and they brought in three earth rods using a battering ram.

Noise barrier completed, preliminary work for construction stage S 4.000

Noise protection is an important aspect of the extension of the Dresdner Bahn. Work on the sound barriers has been underway since the start of the major project. The team responsible for the superstructure completed this work in six weeks. Now there is a complete sound barrier of about 1,100 metres in length, which corresponds to about 4,500 m². This includes the foundations, the placement of the posts and base plates, their filling, and the laying of the aluminium elements.

In the next construction site ticker, you can find out about the achievements of other SPITZKE areas, such track and cable civil engineering.

Update #7 – Signal brackets: from production to equipment and installation

July 16th 2021 // The major summer closure of the Dresdner Bahn is in full swing. As reported, the crews are working tirelessly on the construction stage S 3.500, in which, among other things, three signal brackets are being erected. We get to the bottom of the matter and explain how a signal bracket is created. For the foundation of the signal, a special anchor cage, which was manufactured by SPITZKE subsidiary MuR STAHLBAU GmbH in Naumburg, is used.

When the low loader arrived from Naumburg, the foundation crew from the Leer branch began their work. They first carried out the preparatory work, such as excavating the pit and building the formwork, before the pile driver was used. The pipes, which were more than ten metres long, were driven in, and a clean layer of lean concrete was laid. On top of this, the foundation specialists placed the anchor cage, making sure that it was the right size. Finally, they erected the formwork and tightened everything so that the anchor foundation could be concreted.

In another operation, the three masts for the signal brackets were set up. For this purpose, colleagues from the equipment/​electrical engineering department, the Grossbeeren branch and MuR Stahlbau GmbH were on site. In addition, there were employees from Siemens who installed the signaling technology. With the help of a track construction crane, the brackets and signaling technology were placed on the masts and firmly mounted. Work is currently underway on many sections of the route. In the next update we will give an overview of the status of the work on the construction stage S 3.500 during the 6-week total closure.

Update #6 – After one closure period comes another

June 4th 2021 // Since construction began, 950 foundations have now been laid for noise protection. In addition, the SPITZKE team has installed posts and base plates for sound barriers. The civil engineer cable specialists have also installed 14 crossings, and the track professionals have laid around 2,000 metres of track since January.

The two closure periods in April and May have only just concluded, and the next one is already on the horizon. The Dresdner Bahn team is currently working at full speed to prepare for the big summer closure break from June 24 to August 9. The aim of the closure, which runs parallel to the summer holidays in Berlin and Brandenburg, is the construction stage S 3.500.

The following tasks are to be completed in the construction stage S 3.500:

  • Dismantling of the Lichtenrade S-Bahn platform, including access to the platform as well as tracks 31 and 32 and two points.
  • Commissioning of the S-Bahn track, including the temporary Lichtenrade platform, with 50 Hz and telecommunications technology.
  • Construction of approximately 650 metres of sound barriers.
  • Installation and commissioning of the transfer point in front of the Schichauweg station.
  • Installation of padded sleepers in two S-Bahn tracks (sleeper change between Schichauweg and Lichtenrade).
  • Track swivelling of the S-Bahn 800 m into its final position.
  • Commissioning of the transformer transfer station 1056.
  • Erection of three signal brackets.

Update #5 – Project progress wherever the eye can see

May 12th 2021 //Snapshots of the section between the Teltow Canal Bridge and the Marienfelde suburban-railway-station

Update #4 – Found, found, found

March 11th 2021 // The foundation work on the Dresdner Bahn is progressing quite well. Our colleagues have already brought in 787 of the totals of 4,000 foundations. Neither the onset of winter in February nor the spring storms these days could make much of an impression on them.

The coming weeks will also be dominated by the foundations. Especially during the two closure periods in April (16.04.21 – 19.04.21 and 30.04.21 – 03.05.21) another 150 foundations with two foundation units are to be carried out – an enormous effort for our colleagues and the machines.

The punctual execution of the planned 4,000 foundations is the prerequisite for the subsequent erection of noise barriers along the route.

We are keeping our fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly and that the goal is within reach.

Update #3 – the work in Berlin continues.

January 21st 2021 //After the turn of the year, work will continue between the Attilastreet and Lichtenrade stations. In a first track possession from January 29th to February 1st, 2021, rails and sleepers will be unloaded directly from the work train in this area using road-rail excavators. In addition, the specialists in power engineering have the subsoil for the signal bracket at km 7.080 explored. Speaking of security: The explosive ordnance sounding will continue on the following sections from km 10.5 to km 10.8 and km 12.0 to km 13.2 towards the south of Berlin.

Also on the last weekend in January , S-Bahn traction current cables in the track area will be expanded, disconnected and reinstalled after the work of our consortium partner Hentschke. In addition, our specialists in power engineering will install a track block during a second track possession from February 1st to 5th, 2021 to secure the work area. Furthermore, our consortium partner Hentschke uses the track possession to carry out exploration / search shafts and surveying work on the railway bridge Teltow Canal.


Update #2 – track possession on 4th Advent.

December 21st 2020 //On the last Advent weekend there was a lot going on on the Dresden Railway. During a 54-hour track possession from Friday evening, 10:00 p.m. to Monday, 4:00 a.m., our teams from the track and railway traction current, including the machine crew, were active with extensive technology and subcontractors. Four road-rail excavators, four crawler excavators, a mobile crane and tamping machine technology were used.

During this track possession, foundations close to the track were carried out for the construction of the noise barrier at kilometers 7.7 to 7.8 as well as civil engineering work and the installation of a longitudinal track shoring between kilometers 7.288 and 7.640. To safeguard the commissioning of the tracks, the entire area was processed by a tamping machine at the end of the track possession. Due to the proximity to the operating track, the entire work could only be carried out during a track possession.

The precondition for the safe execution of the work was an extensive explosive ordnance sounding of the areas prior to the beginning of the track possession to confirm that the work area was free of explosives.

Despite the tight schedule, it was possible to carry out all the planned work on time and the rail line could be opened again on time for the start of the new week.

Merry Christmas!

Update #1 – Launched successfully!

Briefely: Renewal of 30,000 m of track, 5,500 foundations, new construction of 16 points and erection of 21,400 m of overhead lines, 25,500 m of noise barrier and several railway bridges for suburban and long-distance trains

October 27th 2020 // In the first quarter of 2020, the foundations were laid by Deutsche Bahn and the consortium so that work on the implementation planning could begin on time from March 2020 and the required, approved implementation plans for the first work were available in good time. Since June 2020, construction sites have been gradually taken over from the preliminary award packages and preparatory work, such as clearing and explosive ordnance detection, has been carried out.

On October 26th, 2020, the time had finally come – our Großbeeren branch started with the first of around 5,500 pile-driving pipe foundations for the noise barriers to be built in the section between the railway bridges Teltow Canal and Kamenzer Damm. A MOVAX system is used for the first approx. 500 foundations, as, due to the requirements of the planning approval decision, deep foundations must be installed with as little vibration as possible. Subsequently, a total of approx. 4,500 m of noise barriers with a height of up to 5.00 m will be completely constructed by the Großbeeren branch and the foundations for all noise barriers to be built will be installed.

We wish the team from the project Dresdner Bahn every success.

Welcome to the Dresdner Bahn

On December 20, 2019, the group of bidders Dresdner Bahn SPITZKE / BUNTE / HENTSCHKE received the order from Deutsche Bahn and the almost 9 months proposal processing was rewarded. As a “Dresdner Bahn VP3” consortium, SPITZKE is working with JOHANN BUNTE Bauunternehmung GmbH & Co. KG and Hentschke Bau GmbH to expand the Dresden railway between the Berlin-Südkreuz station and the border in Lichtenrade.

In the coming months we will take you on the construction project, report on our competencies we are using, provide exciting information on current events and let you take a look behind the scenes of this large-scale project.

Enjoy reading!

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