Track construction crane KRC 810 T

Track-laying – Crane work

Technology Park
Technology Park

The KRC 810-t is used for the removal and installation of heavy concrete points, prefabricated track panels and emergency bridges, as well as the assembly of engineering structures.

Track construction crane KRC 810 T Grafik

Functional Characteristics

  • Lifting heavier loads in the camber by compensating for inclination
  • working with keeping the railway loading gauge clear
  • automatic overload protection

Technical specifications

Overall weight 128 t
Height above top of rail 4.255 mm ( transport position)
Length over buffers 13.000 mm
Number of axes 8
Engine output 235 kW
Maximum speed in train formation 120 km/​h
Maximum self-propelled speed 20 km/​h

Performance parameters

At 0 m outreach in front of buffer, with heavy load equipment 125 t
At 2.8 m outreach in front of buffer ± 30°, propped 90 t
At 2.8 m outreach in front of buffer ± 20°, self-supporting 46 t
Smallest negotiable radius of curvature 90 m
Working in canted tracks, maximum max. 160 mm
Working height beneath contact line ≥ 4,60 m above top of rail
Concrete points of the order of size EW 60-1200-1:18.5 can be renewed in four sections. Yes