Track construction crane Gottwald 45 t GS 40.08 T

Track-laying – Crane work

Technology Park
Technology Park

The Gottwald 45 t GS is used for the removal and installation of heavy concrete points, prefabricated track panels and emergency bridges, as well as the assembly of engineering structures. Due to the rear outreach of two metres, rail traffic on the adjacent track, with four metre minimum distance from the track, is not disrupted.

Functional Characteristics

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Technical specifications

Overall weight 110 t
Height above top of rail 4,170 mm ( transport position)
Length over buffer 11.000 mm
Number of axes 6
Engine output 161 kW
Maximum speed in train formation 120 km/​h
Max. self-propelled speed 30 km/​h
Working speed 8 km/​h

Performance parameters

Load capacities, max 45 t
Smallest negotiable radius of curvature 90 m
Working in canted tracks max max. 150 mm