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The series G18 locomotives are four-axle diesel-hydraulic locomotives. As well as for mainline service and thanks to their large range they are ideally suited to the transport of goods or track-laying machines over long distances. Used in double traction, the G 18 are easily capable of transporting track-laying machines with a dead weight of over 2,000 tonnes from one construction project to the next. They also have the latest soot particle filter and emit up to 40 percent less nitrogen oxide than a conventional diesel locomotive. They can therefore also be used inside tunnels. The G 18 also fulfils the European crash standard EN 15277, which protects vehicle occupants in case of collision through a reinforced rail vehicle body.

Functional Characteristics

  • Strong starting effort
  • Large range
  • Low continuous speed, for removing rails and ballast
  • Modern soot particle filters, with self-cleaning through exhaust heat
  • Flexibly usable on the whole German railway network

Technical specifications

Vehicle type diesel-hydraulic locomotives
Manufacturer Vossloh Locomotives GmbH
Type/​series G 18, new build
Engine MTU 12 V 4000 R43L Common Rail
Soot particle filter yes
Performance 1.800 kW
Maximum speed 100 km/​hJa
Lowest continuous running speed between 3 km/​h and 11 km/​h
Service weight 84 t
Height above top of rail 4.310 mm
Axle arrangement B’B’
Average mass per axis 21 t
Transmission (main set) Voith L 530 breU2 fluid transmission
Brake wheel disc brake, acting on all wheels
Braked weights G/​P: 72 t/​84 t
Length over buffers 17.000 mm
Distance between bogie axle centres 8.100 mm
Bogie pitch 2.400 mm
Safety devices Selektron MAS-Traffic, automatic safety device, ATW/​ATS, train radio system (analogue, GSM-R)
Operating supplies diesel fuel: 4,000 l