Diesel locomotive V 22/​312 series

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The V 22 series locomotives are used in light shunting and work train service. They are suitable for direct supply and removal of materials to railway construction sites, including urban and underground railway sites, and as they are equipped with special soot particle filters, they can also be used in tunnels. They can also be relocated by truck.

Functional Characteristics

  • Low height of 3.6 m
  • Equipped with special soot particle filter
  • Relocation by truck is possible

Technical specifications

Vehicle type diesel-hydraulic locomotives
Type/​series V 22/​312
Manufacturer VEB Lokomotivbau „Karl Marx“, Babelsberg
Engine Caterpillar 3306 B and DEUTZ BF 6 M 1015
Soot particle filter Yes
Performance 186 kW and 195 kW
Maximum speed 35 km/​h
Height above top of rail 3.585 mm
Lowest continuous running speed 7 km/​h
Service weight 24 t
Axle arrangement B
Average mass per axis 12 t
Transmission hydrokinetic transmission GSU 20/​4.2 AR rod drive
Brake tread brake, KE m. Z
Braked weights G/​P: 18 t/​25 t
Length over buffers 6,940 mm
Wheelbase 2,500 mm
Fuel/​material stocks diesel fuel: 400 l