Quelle: Oliver Birkenfeld

#SPITZKE Group 26 October 2022

Supplier Evaluation: SPITZKE and WSO again “good” and “outstanding”

SPITZKE SE and its subsidiary WSO WARNSYSTEME UND SICHERUNGSTECHNISCHE ORGANISATION FAHRWEG GmbH have recently been rated “good” to “outstanding” suppliers by Deutsche Bahn AG for the 2021 period.

The supplier evaluation by Deutsche Bahn AG is made up of the respective evaluations for the services provided in the period under consideration in the area of infrastructure procurement.

The supplier evaluation were assigned as follows:


  • Safety performance regarding dangers in railway operations: Outstanding


  • Catenary systems: Good
  • Direct current traction power supply systems – S-Bahn: Good
  • Interlocking systems: Good
  • New construction and renovation of tracks and switches: Outstanding
  • Track and switch maintenance and repair: Good
  • Bridges and retraining structures: Outstanding
  • Cable construction services: Good
  • Lighting equipment (BLA): Good