Minister Britta Ernst (m.) with representative of IHK, HWK, Netzwerk Zukunft and schools were guests at SPITZKE headquarter. Image: Stefan Specht/​IHK Potsdam

#Career #People #SPITZKE Group 16 February 2023

SPITZKE SE is awarded for its vocational orientation

On February 10th, 2023, the railroad infrastructure company SPITZKE was honored by the Potsdam Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the Potsdam Chamber of Crafts and the Future Network (Netzwerk Zukunft) for its exemplary cooperation with schools in the region as a “company with exceptional vocational orientation”.

Britta Ernst, Brandenburg’s Minister of Education, Youth and Sports was personally convinced of the quality of SPITZKE’s educational programs and cooperation with schools at SPITZKE’s headquarters at GVZ Berlin South in Großbeeren. The award was presented by the Minister together with the Chamber of Commerce President Ina Hänsel, The Vice-President of the Chamber of Crafts Dörte Thie as well as Andreas Körner-Steffens and Katharina Heduschka, Chairman and Managing Director of Netzwerk Zukunft.  Together, they personally presented a letter of congratulations from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports to HR director Christian Krippahl, CRO Torsten Völker as well as Jenny Malter, Director of SPITZKE’s ACADEMY, Jörg Prohaszka, Head of Training, Myléne Trinh, Personnel Marketing Officer, and apprentice representatives.

Practical vocational orientation and apprentice and trainee recruitment

“The Brandenburg government has set a goal to prepare young people in Brandenburg for vocational training or university studies in the best way possible for their subsequent careers,” said Britta Ernst while presenting the award. “We rely on partnerships between schools and industries to spark curiosity and interest in different career paths at an early stage. I’m confident and grateful that this is succeeding so well with the support of our partners. By presenting this award, we are not only thanking our partners for their commitment to this process. We are also using it to show examples of the opportunities these companies offer students for hands-on career orientation, and thus in the recruitment of their own young talent.”

Ina Hänsel was also full of praise: “Companies which provide training themselves are not only doing something to secure their own skilled workforce – they are also role models in the Märkisch economy. They show the possibility of starting a professional career for students from every graduate level right on their own doorstep,” said the President of the Potsdam Chamber of Commerce and Industry. “These companies go far beyond school internships, maintain close relationships with regional schools, are reliable practical partners and are highly respected in their communities. By doing so, they ensure the future viability of the economy and also of society.”

Apprenticeship program with perspective

“We’re delighted about this award”, said SPITZKE’s HR Director Christian Krippahl. “It shows that we are already achieving a lot in our efforts to provide good career prospects for young people and that our colleagues are doing an excellent job with training and apprenticeship marketing. As a company, we recognized the shortage of skilled workers early on and realized that we will only be able to fulfill our responsibilities as an important company in the rail infrastructure sector if we have a successful and top-class training program.”

The “Company with Excellent Vocational Orientation” award has existed since 2019 and is intended for companies which show special involvement with practice-based vocational orientation in schools. The award-winning companies are nominated by schools and then selected by a jury of representatives from the state education authorities, the employment agencies, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the Chamber of Skilled Crafts and the Future Network.