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#News 01 September 2020

SPITZKE AKADEMIE receives program certification for train driver education

The education program as a train driver (m / f / d) offerd by our subsidiary, the SPITZKE AKADEMIE FÜR AUS- UND WEITERBILDUNG AG, has been certified in accordance with AZAV (accreditation and licensing ordinance on employment promotion). So the SPITZKE AKADEMIE is able to train owners of an education voucher from the employment agency or job center as train drivers.

Upon receipt of the certificate on August 26th, our train driver program is approved for the next three years as a “measure for activation and professional integration according to the law of employment promotion”. This means that the AKADEMIE will be able to offer the train driver education program among others as a retraining measure for interested parties in future. In this case the ten-month program is financed through an education voucher issued by the employment agency.
The first course starts on November 16th, 2020.