S-Bahn Berlin GmbH, J. Donath

#Projects 20 May 2022

S-Bahn Construction Project in Berlin

A new major SPITZKE project started in Berlin last Monday (16.05.). The S-Bahn urban railway construction project from Priesterweg to Lichterfelde is located directly next to our major Dresdner Bahn extension project, however the two are not connected. Actually, the routes of the two SPITZKE major projects fork at the Priesterweg S-Bahn station.

After starting the final planning and coordinating with all project participants, the pre-blocked closures of the line will follow at the end of May. SPITZKE will be carrying out a complete track renovation on the S-Bahn line in Berlin. Approximately 10 km of track between the Lichterfelde Süd and Priesterweg stations will be renewed. The Großbeeren branch as well as SPITZKE’s professionals skilled in engineering and equipment/​electrical engineering will be involved. In addition, the company’s subsidiaries SLG for transport and logistics and WSO for safety will consult on the S-Bahn construction project.

There are a total of six S-Bahn stations and 17 switches on the line which is to be renewed. These include two temporary switches, one diamond crossing switch and one large crossover switch. SPITZKE is also installing a transfer link between the S-Bahn and mainline railway tracks near Südkreuz station.

On June 21st, the main closure period will begin and the S-Bahn construction project in Berlin will really gain momentum. The scheduled completion date is September 1st. We wish our colleagues involved in the project a lot of success at the gates of the capital.