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#Large-scale projects 21 September 2023

Riedbahn 4010 – Start of Germany’s First Corridor Project

On July 15th, 2024, major work will begin with the complete closure of the Riedbahn from Frankfurt am Main to Manheim. SPITZKE SE, in collaboration with LEONHARD WEISS GmbH and Co. KG, is leading the way in a joint venture to carry out the general refurbishment of Lot 1 (North) from the Zeppelinheim stations south of Frankfurt am Main to Biblis. The goal is to complete the project by Dec. 14th, 2024, and then the trains will once again run on one of Germany’s most crucial transport routes.

The main execution phase from July 15th to December 14th, 2024, follows extensive planning and preparation. The green light was given to the SPITZKE-LEONHARD WEISS joint venture back in September of 2023.

The general refurbishment of the Riedbahn marks the beginning of a series of projects for Deutsche Bahn AG as they pave the way for a high-performance network. By 2030, a total of 40 particularly high-traffic sections spanning over 4,000 kilometers in total are planned for complete refurbishment. The Riedbahn pilot corridor, with approximately 300 trains passing through daily, covering long-distance, freight, and local traffic, and at times experiencing over 150% capacity, is the most heavily used corridor in the future high-performance network of Deutsche Bahn.

The measures intended for the comprehensive renovation of the Riedbahn are correspondingly extensive. They include the refurbishment of a total of 20 train stations and the renewal of 177 km of tracks, 152 switches and over 140 km of overhead lines on the 70 km stretch from Frankfurt am Main to Mannheim. Additionally, there is extensive work in the areas of signaling and safety technology, such as the implementation of the new electronic interlockings (ESTW) and the installation of the modern “European Train Control System (ETCS)” as well as the installation of more than 15 km of noise protection walls.