#Large-scale projects 03 December 2023

New Construction of the Wollankstraße Railway Bridge in Berlin

SPITZKE will undertake the reconstruction of the 120-year-old Wollankstraße Railway Bridge in Berlin from 2024 to 2028. As part of the railway infrastructure renewal in northern Berlin, our large projects, ESTW S1 and ESTW S8, are carrying out the conversion to modern signaling technology. Another piece of the puzzle is the construction of a new railway overpass between the S-Bahn stations Bornholmer Straße and Wollankstraße.

The Wollankstraße Railway Bridge in Berlin, built in 1901 and carrying two S-Bahn tracks and one mainline track, is structurally deteriorating due to its age. The railway overpass is supported by four individual thick-sheet steel troughs and strengthened by a lower flange made of 10 cm thick sheet metal. As part of the renewal, the 6088 Berlin-Gesundbrunnen–Neustrelitz–Stralsund line will receive a second mainline track, which we are preparing for and planning. To accommodate this, two new retaining walls are being constructed to slightly widen the embankment. This is necessary to create space for the new noise barriers. The 4-meter-high walls will be erected on both sides of the embankment over a total length of 2.1 km.

New Access and Passenger Tunnel for Wollankstraße Railway Bridge

A new platform access on the east is also being created. In addition to the western exit (Mitte district), a passage is being made under the tracks to allow direct access from the platform towards Pankow. Additionally, our engineering professionals are constructing a separate passenger tunnel for the Wollankstraße Railway Bridge in Berlin. This tunnel is intended for a potential future tram route but will initially remain closed.

The construction project is divided into eleven phases. Phase 1 will be carried out during the first track closure from mid-May to October 2024 on the mainline. During this phase, the track will be dismantled to create construction space for our engineering teams and the subsequent tasks of our Equipment/​Electrical Engineering division. The former will construct the retaining walls on Wollankstraße, including the necessary structures.

Our electrical engineering teams will begin rerouting cables and constructing cable channels. The full scope of the Wollankstraße railway project has not yet been completely realized.

The scope of work also includes the Schönholz storage facility. On the property of the former freight station Berlin-Schönholz, Deutsche Bahn plans to develop a modern servicing facility for ICE and IC trains by 2026. As part of the new construction of the Wollankstraße Railway Bridge in Berlin, we are responsible for the overhead line connection, including mast foundations.

A summary of SPITZKE’s contributions to the renovation of the Wollankstraße Bridge:

  • Two new retaining walls for widening the embankment
  • New noise barriers covering 2.1 km
  • Additional platform access to the east (Pankow)
  • Separate passenger tunnel in the railway bridge
  • Planning and preparation for a second mainline track
  • Overhead line connection, including mast foundation for the Schönholz storage facility

Beginning with the first track closure in mid-May on the mainline, the construction will begin. Planning and preparatory work are now in full swing. We wish the best success for this important railway project in Berlin.