#Career #People 08 July 2023

Apprentices and students in conversation with the CEO

On Thursday (July 6th, 2023), apprentices and students were personally invited for a third time by CEO Waldemar Münich to be guests at the SPITZKE headquarters in the GVZ Berlin South. The meeting was again focused on personal exchanges and to show appreciation to SPITZKE’s young talents for their commitment on their path towards a promising future within the corporate group.

The CEO and owner of the company, which specializes in railway infrastructure, provided insights into the responsibility that comes with this role and the shared vision in which SPITZKE is dedicated to shaping the future of mobility. However, the concerns, ideas, and suggestions of the apprentices and students were also focused on.

SPITZKE invests significantly in the education of its own young talent, thereby enhancing its own future capability as well as that of the industry. It serves as one of the driving forces behind our economic strength in Germany. This year, 17 apprentices and dual students were selected for the “Apprentices meet CEO” event. The participants were nominated by their respective branches and departments due to their exceptional performance. They represent all the young individuals who work with great interest, dedication, and a sense of responsibility towards their future at SPITZKE.