#Career #People 31 August 2020

203 apprentices and dual students are trained at SPITZKE - more than ever before more…

New record for the railway infrastructure company SPITZKE. At the beginning of the new year of training, 203 apprentices and dual students are trained at SPITZKE. These are more young people than ever before in the company’s history. 70 young people started their professional career this August.

SPITZKE currently provides training in 20 professions and dual courses of studies. With the record amount of 203 trainees and dual students, SPITZKE is continuing the positive trend for education of recent years.

“For SPITZKE, training and promoting our own young people is one of the basic requirements for being one of the leading railway infrastructure companies in Germany in future. I am therefore very pleased that so many young people see their professional future with us, “says Christian Krippahl, HRD at SPITZKE SE, in reference to the steadily increasing numbers of people in training. “In the coming year we again want to offer as many young people as possible a secure perspective for their future.”

You can find out more about our apprenticeship and training programs at SPITZKE here.

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