Tamping machine Dynamic 09-3X I & II

Track-laying – Tamping/​lifting/​straightening/​stabilising

Technology Park
Technology Park

SPITZKE has two track tamping machines of this type. The Dynamic 09-3X are continuous leveling, lifting, straightening and tamping machines with integrated dynamic track stabilization. They enable three sleepers to be tamped in one operation. A high working speed is achieved as a result.

Tamping machine Dynamic 09-3X I & II Grafik

Functional Characteristics

  • Continuous three-sleeper tamping machine for tracks, with integrated dynamic track stabiliser
  • Tracks are levelled, tamped and straightened by two 3-sleeper track tamping units arranged separately transverse to the track and featuring a total of 48 tamping instruments for simultaneous tamping of three sleepers
  • Measuring and documentation of the track parameters longitudinal level, left/​right lift, track cant difference,relative difference in rail levels, warping, squeezing time and twist immediately after tamping pass
  • Rolling, lifting and straightening units with total of four roll pincers
  • Hinged trailer with two stabiliser units
  • Fold-down vibrating compactor
  • Track position and quality are documented over 8-channel recorder with automatic tolerance monitoring
  • Combined level and directional laser

Technical specifications

Overall weight 124,5 t
Height above top of rail 4.130 mm
Length over buffers 34.440 mm
Number of axes 8
Engine output tamping machine: 440 kW, stabilizing trailer: 146 kW
Maximum speed in train formation 100 km/​h
Maximum self-propelled speed 100 km/​h

Performance parameters

Performance for maintenance 1.800 m/​h
Performance for 1st stabilisation 1.100 m/​h
Performance for 2nd stabilisation 1.200 m/​h
Compaction 1.000 m/​h
Working radius ≥ 180 m
Compaction ≥ 120 m
Working in cant max. 180 mm