Vectron Dual Mode

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The Vectron Dual Mode is the modern answer to changing route requirements. Depending on the requirements and the electrified route, the Vectron Dual Mode can switch between diesel engine and electric drive. The dual-power locomotive combines the advantages of a fully-fledged diesel locomotive with those of electric locomotives. Thanks to this combination, we can react flexibly at any time to the relevant traction requirements, e.g. in the construction field or for transport under overhead contact lines. The Vectron Dual Mode fulfils many traction tasks much more economically than with a pure diesel locomotive. This is because every kilometre saves fuel and thus protects the environment.

Functional Characteristics

  • Flexibility for unplanned diversions
  • Economical fulfilment of traction tasks
  • Reduced emissions of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter
  • Lower energy and maintenance costs

Technical data

Vehicle type diesel-electric locomotive
Manufacturer Siemens
Model X4-Dual-Mode_Release E42.00_DE (class 248)
Total mass 90 t
Length over buffers 19,975 mm
Track gauge 1,435 mm

Performance parameters

Traction power at the wheel E-mode max. 2,400 kW / diesel mode approx. 2,000 kW
Electrical braking force 150 kN
Electrical braking power at the wheel E-mode 2,100 kW, / diesel mode 1,700 kW
Maximum speed 160 km/​h
Wheelset arrangement Bo`Bo`
Wheelset load 22.5 t
Voltage system 15 kV / 16,7 Hz
Starting tractive force 300 kN
Double traction Yes