R233 overhead-line/​crawler-mounted pile-driver

Foundations – Crawler and wheel-mounted pile-drivers

Technology Park
Technology Park

The R233 overhead line pile-driver/​crawler-mounted pile-driver is ideally suited for jobs on soft soils and uneven terrain. Its large undercarriages allow rapid relocation without damage to crops.

Functional Characteristics

  • Twisting in pipes with diameter up to 1,000 mm and length 10 m
  • Large running gear with plastic tracks (SW 140)
  • The pile drivers can also be used in difficult terrain
  • Fast, cost-effective change in location
  • Emergency hydraulics for folding in and driving (Weserhütte SW 140 crawler-mounted pile-driver)
  • EC emissions standards are fulfilled (Weserhütte SW 140 crawler-mounted pile-driver)

Technical specifications

Manufacturer WEHRHAHN GmbH
Engine Deutz 32 kW (44 hp)
Dead weight 25.680 kg
Effective length mast with extension: 12.50 m, long mast: 10.5 m, short mast: 7 m
Piling equipment diesel hammer D 15
Pile-driven material up to 3 t at 3 m outreach, up to 3.5 t at 2.5 m outreach