Delmag G42B

Foundations – Crawler and wheel-mounted pile-drivers

Technology Park
Technology Park

The Delmag G42B is a chain drill pile-driver and combines the uses of a land drill and a track pile-driver. It was specially developed for installing masts along the tracks. The G42B has a feed system, which extends the area of application to include drilling.

Functional Characteristics

  • Work runs free of opposite track
  • Increased stability through high dead weight and low center of gravity
  • Quick setup and dismantling on site
  • Flexible usage
  • Foundations for signal and emergency bridges
  • Large effective length
  • Telescopic undercarriage

Technical specifications

Manufacturer Delmag
Model G42B
Engine Liebherr 120kW (163 PS)
Dead weight 41,8 t

Performance parameters

Outreach 3 to 5 m
Effective length as a pile-driver up to 11 m
Effective length when screwing in up to 10 m
Piling equipment Diesel pile hammer D12
Drilling equipment Screwing in pipes up to 700 mm
Pile-driven material Diesel pile hammer (D12) up to 5 t with a 3.15 m outreach / up to 2.35 t with a 5 m outreach
Pile-driven material drilling gear (BT80) up to 8.5 t with 3.25 m outreach / up to 2.6 t with 5 m outreach