Rail loading cranes, cable unwinding equipment

Contact line installation – Special equipment

Technology Park
Technology Park

Both units are developed by SPITZKE SE. They are mainly used for the installation of various types of contact rails and cable installations in urban and underground railways. They can also be used for mainline railway infrastructure construction.

Functional Characteristics

Rail loading cranes

  • Mounted on platform truck
  • Drawn by a locomotive
  • Loading and unloading of contact rails and running rails on both sides parallel to the tracks or even outside the track clearance envelope

Cable unwinders

  • Drawn by a locomotive
  • Effective transport of cables directly to the working area on the track
  • Laying of long lengths in short track possession times
  • Safe unreeling of cables next to or on the working track in short periods of time

Technical specifications - Rail loading cranes

Number of revolving pillar cranes (depending on rail length) max. 8
Load capacity per crane 1.000 kg
Outreach 3.000 mm
Overall height 2.410 mm
Transportable type of rails S 49, S 54, UIC 60, contact rail sections
Transportable length of rails max. 90 m
Various modules possible Electric supply for the cranes Lighting with corresponding auxiliary generator unit Yes

Technical specifications - Cable unwinding equipment

Diameter per drum max. 2.800 mm
Tooling up and stripping with excavator or ADK 3 hrs
Transport capacity 8 drums
Transport weight 6.000 kg
Cables direct current, return, fibre optic, telecommunication, signalling, high-voltage cable
Cable drums mounted on 2 flatbed wagons, Laying unit Yes