FMW 503 catenary installation wagon

Contact line installation – Mainline contact lines

Technology Park
Technology Park

The FMW 503 catenary installation wagon is used for the installation of new build and renewal of mainline and regional overhead line systems. A mechanized overhead electrification assembly train consisting of FMW 503 catenary assembly wagons, drum wagons with 6 drum stands and a locomotive. Alternatively, the Zeck unit is used instead of the drum wagons.

Functional Characteristics

  • Complex installation of contact line systems
  • Installation of railway power systems
  • Laying of cables and conductors
  • Dismantling the old installations
  • The platform and the side work platform can be extended hydraulically
  • Integrated workshop in the vehicle

Technical specifications

Drive diesel locomotive (requires traction vehicle driver and work train driver)
Maximum speed (on transfer) 100 km/​h
Height above top of rail 4,600 mm (transport position)
Electric power supply unit 20 kVA
Operation from platform or externally
Hydraulic guide rollers Yes
Interior machine room, workshop, store, recreation room

Main platform

Floor area 16 m x 1,7 m
Height 4.29 m – 6.79 m, above top of rail

Traverse platform

Serviceable floor area 3,1 m x 1,3m
Height 3,97 m – 6,47 m above top of rail

Drum wagon

Speed (self-propelled) 100 km/​h
Carrying cable traction max. traction force 10 kN
Contact wire traction max. traction force 2.5 kN
Six drums, mechanically braked, crane for loading and unloading drums, auxiliary unit for the crane Yes