ART 17 T and ART 17 TH

Contact line installation – Mainline contact lines

Technology Park
Technology Park

ART 17 T and ART 17 TH are self-propelled mobile elevating work platforms (MEWP), that can be used both on roads and rails. The railing system allows to transfer the MEWP to and from rail tracks, and also drive and operate on rails. The ART 17 T is a MANITOU-basic machine, enhanced with equipment for the railway infrastructure.

Functional Characteristics

  • Large work platform with three access points
  • All-wheel brake on roads and on rails
  • All-wheel drive on roads and on rails
  • Four-wheel parking brake
  • Full stability at 180 mm inclination in work mode and at 200 mm camber in drive / travel mode
  • Full vandal protection / complete vandal protection

Technical specifications

Overall length 6,93 m (17 TH) // 7,23 m (17 T)
Overall mass 12,3 t (17 TH) // 10,5 t (17 T)
Ground clearance 42,5 cm
Number of axles 2
Engine power 46 horsepower
Engine Kubota Typ V2403-M

Performance parameters

Basket load 400 kg
Operating speed 1 km/​h
Travelling speed 12 km/​h
Lifting time 40 sec