#Machines #Projects 12 January 2023

Winter Track Renewal in Wiesbaden

The new year has hardly begun, and already SPITZKE’s track-laying machines and crews are in winter operation. On railway section 3507 on the right bank of the Rhine, SPITZKE is carrying out track renewals from Wiesbaden-Schierstein to Loreley. The extensive project also includes formation rehabilitation, installation of deep drainage, and construction of the side paths. The work is being carried out in various stages by the Großbeeren branch and the Central Competence Center in Erlensee. The Erlensee branch is responsible for most of the logistics involved in the track renewal. Of course, our business units and subsidiaries are also involved in the construction project.

The track-laying machines department is deployed with our formation rehabilitation machine with integrated ballast recycling, as well as the reconstruction and tamping machines.

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SPITZKE LOGISTIK GmbH transports the large machines and provides up to four locomotives for the track renewal in Wiesbaden. Our WSO makes an equally important contribution ensuring the safety of the construction project. The WSO branch Mitte is providing up to 20 colleagues for the rail infrastructure project in Rhineland-Palatinate. Their deployment: safety supervisors, barricade posts, switch proposers, railroad grounders as well as supervisors at the crossings. Technically, the safety of the track renewal is secured with cable and radio systems, fixed barriers as well as Sh-2 signals. The team is supported by the fixed barriers & signaling division from Wefensleben.

Großbeeren branch starts the SPITZKE track renewal project

The first section, lots 10 and 11, is being carried out by the track team from the Großbeeren branch. The crews have been working on the approx. 4 km long section between Wiesbaden-Schierstein and Walluf since Friday night (January 6th, 2023). After the construction project had been set up and the line closed down, the formation rehabilitation and cleaning machine rolled over the obsolete track. At the Schierstein and Niederwalluf stations, the Großbeeren team performed conventional track rehabilitation before the crew for the track reconstruction began their work. This is followed by the tamping and welding work.

The SPITZKE SCHWEISSTECHNIK GmbH team from Erlensee will carry out a total of 52 welds. As usual, the first lots of the track renewal between Wiesbaden and Koblenz are a joint project for UG SPITZKE. The next lot will be implemented by the track team from the Central Competence Centre. The track renewal is scheduled for completion at the beginning of April. We hope it all goes well and wish every success!