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#Large-scale projects 03 December 2022

New Platform and More: Next Milestone on the Dresdner Bahn Expansion

The Civil Engineering/​Major Projects departments are currently working on two large sub-projects on the Dresdner Bahn. Both are of particular importance for achieving the S 4.500 construction status. Firstly, the concrete ballast trough for the long-distance line from the Wolziger Zeile crossing to the Berlin/​Brandenburg border is being completed south of the Berlin-Lichtenrade station. The new platform at the Lichtenrade S-Bahn station will also be finished.

The concrete ballast trough for the main line was built the same way as the trough for the new S-Bahn tracks 931 and 932 – see update #11. However, in contrast to the S-Bahn trough, the ballast trough for the main line, constructed over the last few months, is a little narrower. It was also constructed in blocks and had drains at 20 m intervals and 5 cm wide expansion joints.

Concrete Ballast Trough and platform in Lichtenrade

The concrete ballast trough was completed from the Wolziger Zeile crossing to the Berlin-Brandenburg border. Since then, our major projects and engineering teams have been completing the remaining work on the sheeting for the expansion joints. However, the focus is already on the next section of the trough, which will run from the Wolziger Zeile crossing to the Lichtenrade station. In December, the railway construction experts will place the granular subbase as the foundation for the new long-distance railway line.

Currently, S-Bahn users in Lichtenrade are changing trains and boarding at a makeshift platform. This will soon draw to a close. On December 11th, 2022, the S-Bahn is expected to enter the new platform the first time on the newly constructed track 931. The final finishes are currently being carried out in order to prepare everything for commissioning. This includes the floor-guidance system for the visually impaired, waste bins, etc.


The new S-Bahn platform in Lichtenrade is the brilliant result of the teamwork between SPITZKE’s railway infrastructure specialists on the path to commissioning the S 4.500 construction stage in spite of the considerable time restrictions. Thanks and recognition for this amazing achievement go to the Großbeeren branch as well as the Equipment/​Electrical Engineering and Major Projects/​Engineering departments for:

  • the track construction on the platform including the switch trapezoids north and south of the platform
  • the noise barrier wall
  • underground cable construction as a prerequisite for laying the cables and electrical equipment
  • the traction current, 50 Hz, TC and LST equipment on and around the platform
  • the construction of the entire S-Bahn platform and its room

Therefore, another milestone in the expansion of Dresden’s railway was reached at the end of year. The railway infrastructure specialists from SPITZKE did everything on the new platform at the Lichtenrade S-Bahn station from a single source, from the roof to the drains.