#Large-scale projects 13 September 2023

Fürth–Würzburg Line Successfully Completed

Trains have been running again on the 5910 Fürth-Würzburg line since 4:00 am today. As a specialist for rail infrastructure, we have therefore successfully completed the comprehensive general overhaul on time on yet another main axis of rail traffic in Germany.

In just 104 days, our colleagues renewed over 133 km of track, carried out, among other things, ballast cleaning and renewal over this length and improved the subgrade over some 25 km.

Additional work on the construction project

Such an enormous workload was possible in the short time-frame because the combined companies in the group offer all the necessary competencies – track, engineering, equipment/​electrical engineering, logistics and manufacturing – as a system provider under one roof and can draw on experts from all areas. Teams from the Central Competence Center and the Western Competence Center as well as the Buchloe, Großbeeren, Kaltenkirchen and Leer branches were utilized. Equally instrumental in the successful commissioning of the Fürth-Würzburg railroad line were the specialists from the Track-Laying Machines Division, the Service Division, SLG SPITZKE LOGISTIK GmbH, SPITZKE SCHWEISSTECHNIK GmbH, WARNSYSTEME UND SICHERUNGSTECHNISCHE ORGANISATION FAHRWEG GmbH and SPITZKE FAHRWEGSYSTEME GmbH.

Our project management team would especially like to thank everyone involved in the SPITZKE family: “Our success was only possible because everyone made their contribution and we all gave our best for the project collaboratively. During the closure, our teams did everything to ensure that the required services were provided. An amazing team consisting of construction management and crews conquered all the challenges that such a major project brings, not least the extreme weather conditions. It was only through this teamwork that we were able to complete the planned main work on time or ahead of schedule at all sub-sites.”

A film review of the general overhaul of the Fürth–Würzburg railway:

Appreciation also came from the client, DB Netz AG: During a spontaneous visit, Dr. Philipp Nagl, Chairman of the Board at DB Netz AG, expressed extreme satisfaction and spoke of a successful “dress-rehearsal” for the upcoming general  overhauls. “I would like to express my sincere thanks to the entire team on site. One could feel the team spirit at all times – focused on the goal of implementing the construction project on schedule,” summarized Nagl on www.drehscheibe-online.de.