#Large-scale projects 21 February 2024

Successfully Commissioning the S1 on the Mainline

The first of three electronic signal boxes was put into operation on February 16th on the S1 – the ESTW Birkenwerder. The commissioning of the S1 on the mainline is a major success in our large-scale project Complex ESTW S1 North. We would like to congratulation everyone involved. It was carried out from January 30 to February 15 in collaboration with our track department at NL Großbeeren and the departments of cable civil engineering, overhead line systems, telecommunications, traction power supply, electrical energy systems. Our equipment/​electrical engineering division also assisted with control and safety technology. Last Friday, our logistics subsidiary, SLG SPITZKE LOGISTIK GmbH, carried out the final test runs, which were successfully completed to the fullest satisfaction. Therefore, regular operations on the mainline in the Birkenwerder area could resume starting at 8:00 p.m.

Equally important was our colleague’s effort between the S-Bahn and mainline in Oranienburg on February 16th. The cable civil engineers expanded existing cable ducts and lowered cables to .7 meters. The track-electrical team simultaneously dismantled the contact rails and sleepers to create construction clearance for the track maintenance team. They installed the construction turnout between tracks 28 and 30, including tamping, which is essential for further work on the S-Bahn.

After the commissioning of the S1 comes the next commissioning: There isn’t much time for the project leader Thomas and his team to catch their breath. Since February 17th, they have been working on the commissioning of the other two ESTWs for the S-Bahn Birkenwerder and Oranienburg which includes the reconstruction of the Oranienburg storage facility. We’d like to wish everyone involved success and strength in the final weeks of this major project.

You can find all information about the complex ESTW S1 North project here.