Ballast spreading and profiling machine SSP 2000

Track-laying – Profiling

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The SSP 2000 ballast spreading and profiling machine forms the required standard ballast profile in tracks and points. The machine fills, profiles and sweeps the track. It has brush shafts for all track forms.

Ballast spreading and profiling machine SSP 2000 Grafik

Functional Characteristics

  • Automatic traverse restrictors of the side ploughs prevent the standard track clearance envelope from being exceeded.
  • Quick brush shaft changing device
  • Two continuous axes as driving axes
  • Adequate absorption of vibrations and impacts is achieved through coil springs and shock absorbers and thus largely smooth running of the vehicle
  • Enclosed sound insulated spacious, driver and work cab at the rear of the machine
  • Two horizontally and vertically adjustable side ploughs in the front part of the machine
  • With grading-ploughing equipment for extremely heavy duty ballasting work – consisting of two plough halves travelling in the track direction that can be lowered independently of each other
  • Sweeping unit including a brush and a transverse conveyor belt for filling the intermediate spaces and diverting any surplus ballast onto the transverse conveyor belt.
  • The speed of the brush drive can be continuously adjusted up to max. 350 rpm
  • Ballast removal between the rail and rail fastenings by two rail fastening brushes behind the front axis
  • Equipped with automatic safety device and ATW/​ATS

Technical specifications

Overall weight 38 t
Height above top of rail 4.630 mm
Length over buffers 17.000 mm
Number of axes 2
Engine output 400 kW
Maximum speed in train formation 100 km/​h
Maximum self-propelled speed 100 km/​h
5 adjustable middle plough settings, Traverse restrictor for plough on multiple-track lines Yes

Performance parameters

Track maintenance performance max. 1.600 m/​h
Track renewal performance max. 1.200 m/​h
Working radius ≥ 120 m
Driving radius ≥ 90 m
Working in cant max. 180 mm