Pile-driver A, pile-driver C

Foundations – Crawler and wheel-mounted pile-drivers

Technology Park
Technology Park

The A and C crawler mounted pile-drivers are maneuverable, flexible and lightweight piling machines. They work from the ground and have diverse uses. They are ideally suited for overhead line construction, especially on ground with poor load-bearing capacity.

Functional Characteristics

  • Extra large traction drive
  • Enables work on very soft soils and on uneven terrain
  • Fast, cost-effective relocation (including meadows and farmland, without damaging the fields, without outrigging with excavator mats)
  • Foundations for construction of overhead lines and wind turbines
  • 4-point support
  • Capable of inclined pile driving
  • Both devices operate with biodegradable lubricants
  • Pile-driver C can lift itself with supports and rotate carriage 360 degrees

Technical specifications - Pile-driver A

Manufacturer Delmag
Engine Deutz 75 kW (100 hp)
Dead weight 29.450 kg
Effective length 13,5 m
Piling equipment diesel hammer D 15, D 22, D 25
Pile-driven material up to 4 t/​D 15 or 3 t/​D 25

Technical specifications - Pile-driver C

Manufacturer Schomburg Grundbau GmbH
Engine Deutz 200 kW (272 hp)
Dead weight 45.000 kg
Effective length 20 m
Piling equipment diesel hammer D 15, D 22, D 25, D 36
Pile-driven material up to 6.5 t/​D 15 or 4 t/​D 36