Structural Engineering/​Large-Scale Projects.

Precise planning, design and construction.

With our expertise in structural engineering and project management, even in complex railway infrastructure projects, we stand for time and cost-efficient project implementation. To accelerate the project completion for our customers, we use services from a single source. Our success factors are the knowledge and experience of our own employees in all areas – from design engineers, site engineers, foremen through to the building trades personnel – as well as short coordination channels and resulting synergy effects.


Our structural engineering experts realize crossing structures for all rail and road traffic, made of reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete and all steel composite construction methods. We place particular emphasis in time-saving execution with little disruption of operations and use, for example, temporary track bridges and incrementally launched methods to achieve this.

  • Reinforced concrete bridges for all transport providers
  • Prestressed concrete bridges, with both transverse and longitudinal prestressing
  • Composite steel bridges as concrete encased rolled steel girders, steel composite girders (VFT), steel box beams and structural steel superstructures
  • Steel bridges as trough, truss or arched bridges



Functional buildings

We construct functional and modular buildings for rectifier substations, signal boxes, switching stations, feeder stations, 50 Hz systems and pumping stations and much more.


The SPITZKE services also include underpasses for road, rail and pedestrian traffic, culverts and utility crossings, junction and multigrade railway line structures.

Retaining structures

The range of structures includes the erection of retaining walls and sheet piling, and noise control walls.

  • In-situ concrete walls
  • Cantilevered retaining walls
  • Sheet piling
  • Bored pipe walls
  • Diaphragm walls
  • Noise protection walls



Railway stations

We build railway stations for our customers, accessible and turnkey, including reception buildings with complete building services, service facilities, utility rooms, access facilities for passengers, passenger information and safety systems, platforms and external facilities.

  • Turnkey railway stations with reception building, service facilities, plant rooms, accesses for passengers and P+R facilities
  • Railway platforms including surfacing, furniture, roofing, drainage and cable civil engineering
  • Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and sanitary installations, hydraulics, pumping stations and safety engineering