Universal tamping machine Unimat 08-475/​4S

Track-laying – Tamping/​lifting/​straightening/​stabilising

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Technology Park

The Unimat 08-475/​4S universal tamping machine is a cyclically operating, single sleeper, leveller, lifting, aligning and tamping machine for tracks and points. For working through heavy points constructions, the machine operates with synchronous 3-line lifting, with which the long sleepers in the crossing area of points can be lifted, and 4-line tamping. With this method it is also possible to tamp under the branching off line of a set of points.

Universal tamping machine Unimat 08-475/4S Grafik

Functional Characteristics

  • 6 channel recorder for all safety-relevant parameters and for each work operation
  • Limit value monitoring
  • Swing-out limitation
  • Directional laser
  • Automatic master computer, AMC
  • Integrated sweeping unit
  • Three-line lifting, four-line tamping
  • Integrated workshop
  • Servo-controlled level and direction correction
  • Comprehensive software for processing EM-SAT data
  • Electronic versed sine (camber) adjustment
  • Front compactor

Technical specifications

Overall weight 100 t
Height above top of rail 3.750 mm
Length over buffers 35.290 mm
Number of axes 6
Engine output 348 kW
Max. drawn speed 100 km/​h
Max. self-propelled speed 90 km/​h

Performance parameters

Performance during track maintenance 300 – 350 m/​h
1. Stabilisation 200 – 250 m/​h
2. Stabilisation 250 – 350 m/​h
Min. working radius ≥ 180 m
Driving radius ≥ 120 m
Working in cant max. 160 mm