Universal tamping machine Unimat 09-4×4/​4S

Track-laying – Tamping/​lifting/​straightening/​stabilising

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Technology Park

The Unimat 09-4×4/​4S universal tamping machine for tracks and points has four independently working tamping units with a total of 16 tamping picks. Continuous travel and cyclic tamping far into the area of the points is possible during scheduled full track maintenance.

Universal tamping machine Unimat 09-4×4/4S Grafik

Functional Characteristics

  • Split Universal tamping units with 4-line tamping are integrated in the cyclically-moved frame together with lifting gear and 3-line lifting.
  • Electronic DRP multi-channel measuring and recording system for measuring and documenting the track parameters
  • Continuous travel and cyclic tamping far into the area of the points
  • Lifting gear for lifting the track into the vertical design position
  • Straightening unit for horizontal aligning of the track in the design position
  • Hinged vibration compressor for compacting the ballast in the decompacted area in front of the sleeper heads
  • Sleeper detection system
  • Complete integration of all operating, adjustment and diagnostic functions in the P-IC 2.0 machine control allow the operator to access all relevant data from their workstation
  • Combined level and directional laser

Technical specifications

Total mass 134,6 t
Height above top of rail 3.743 mm
Length over buffers 33.400 mm
Number of axes 8
Engine output 597 kW
Maximum speed in train formation 100 km/​h
Maximum self-propelled speed 100 km/​h

Performance parameters

Performance during track maintenance 600 m/​h
Performance during renewal tamping in the track 250 m/​h
Performance during point maintenance 6 Stück/​10 h
Performance during point renewal tamping 3 Stück/​10 h
Min. working radius ≥ 190 m
Min. driving radius ≥ 120 m
Working in cant 160 mm